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What is a drop catch?

The process of registering a domain name that is no longer required is often referred to drop catching, Domain names generally will be renewed by the current registrant, however, some are no longer required and these will be deleted at the end of the registration period. Drop catching is generally performed with an automated system that will monitor a specified domain name (or list of domains) and will attempt to register (catch) the domain as soon as it is deleted (dropped) from the register.

Can't I just watch a domain and register this myself through my usual registrar?

Of course, there is no requirement to use an automated system, however, many expired domains are of interest to other users and it is likely that these other interested parties will be using an automated system to compete with you for ownership of these domains. If the domain name is potentially of use to someone else they will most probably use an automated system to beat your manual registration. UK domain names are "dropped" randomly throughout the day making manual re-registration a time consuming process. Often a desirable domain name is deleted from the register and re-registered by an automated system all within a matter of seconds.

How much does this service cost?

We presently charge £40+vat per domain caught. We generate an invoice automatically during the day for each domain caught.

I've requested a catch and it is not showing anywhere

When you make a "booking" your request is entered into a queue and this queue is processed on a timed basis, an email will be sent when the queue is processed, any names you successfully add will be shown on screen when logged in.

Who owns the domain?

All caught domains are owned by Monaghan Consultants Ltd until invoiced and paid in full, at this point you can update your domain via the DomainJunky system and release the domain to your registrar of choice. Paid for caught domains should transferred to your control within 1 year otherwise they may not be renewed and could potentially be deleted and re-caught by someone else.

What if I don't pay?

The domain remains under our control and may be offered for sale to other interested parties. You will also have you account access restricted or terminated.

What if I no longer want the domain caught?

If you have booked a domain in error and it is before the drop date, you will be able to delete the booking from the control panel, however, once the drop date has been reached it is not possible to guarantee to get the name removed from the system before the domain is deleted and the name may be caught and invoiced. The randomness of the Nominet domain deletion process prevents us from being able to offer this facility.

What about bulk catches or combined invoices?

Customers with good payment history can request an increased queue limit allowing for larger numbers of domains to be watched, select to be invoiced on a specified day of the month or after a specified number of domains have been caught.

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